Online Library Management Project

Online Library Management



Project Objective

Online library management system is proposed to enhance the functions of a library. It makes the existing system more efficient and faster.

Library is the collection of sources of information it is a place where knowledge is present. It contains books on various subjects ranging from science, history, literature, health etc. It also contains magazine which give an update about the present society and also journals which gives an outlook to the research and development happening in the respective field. Every man cannot have all the books and journals and have to depend on library. It provides a platform for a common man where huge amount of knowledge is easily accessible. It plays a very important role in the formation of civil society. Hence it is necessary to preserve this treasure of knowledge properly. To preserve this library needs to have a very good maintenance system, they need to keep a track of books and journals owned, issued, returned, and added.

But the existing system has lots of drawback as the tracking of book is done manually. Its consume lot of time, low customer service and duplication of data entry leading to lack of security in books. This proposed online system will enhance the functioning of a library.
This learning based knowledge oriented project is developed using dot net framework and SQL

Existing System

The existing system is not efficient, tracking of book is done manually which involves more effort and time to keep track of paper documents, and customer queries can be difficult to response as the information will be stored in different places. Duplication of the data entry is also possible.

Proposed System

This system is under complete control of the admin. The admin adds all the books along with the complete details available in the library and maintain records of books issued. This helps to keep a track of books readily available and the book that has been issued. This helps the reader to find the availability of the book easily. The system also keep track of time period for which the book has been issued and send a notification via SMS to the registered reader on the date of return. It also calculates the fine amount which has to be paid if crossed expiry date, hence making the system more efficient and systematic


Admin: Admin is responsible to add various book into the database based on different categories. Admin can keep track of all the books issued to the students. He can also calculate the fine amount if student is returning a book lately. Admin can delete a student from the database by selecting his course and student Id. Admin is also responsible to go through all the feedback received from students and take necessary action.

Student: First student has to register to the portal by filling the library registration form. After registration he can log in to the portal. Student can view list of books available in the portal. He can search a particular book based on different categories. He can also check number of available copy of a particular book. He can download and read any book from the database. Also he can give his feedback regarding books or any service related to library.

Software Requirements

  • Windows XP, Windows 7(ultimate, enterprise)
  • SQL 2008
  • Notepad ++
  • Visual Studio
  • Microsoft SQL Server

Hardware Requirements

  • Processor – i3
  • Hard Disk – 5 GB
  • Memory – 1GB RAM

Technologies Used

  • Microsoft .net framework
  • SQL