Salon Management System Project

Salon Management System



Project Objective

This project is all-in-one software for managing the salon. This online system manages the entire functioning of the salon.

This is a beauty focused era, where people constantly strive to enhance their appearance and to attain a standard of beauty that is comparable to perfection. In this process of beauty enhancement, people try out various beauty products available in the market and take advantage of services offered at salon. In the present trends, there is a large inflow of people in the salon every day. Every individual concerned with their appearances makes a visit to the salon expecting to get an amazing, fabulous makeover. And the aim of every salon should to be to meet the expectation of the customers. It is very necessary for the salon to manage clients, employee, invent of new beauty products effectively for the success of salon.

By keeping these points in mind we have developed this all-in-one software for managing the salon. It keeps the track of customer data along with billing and appointment information. It also helps in maintaining the stock of the product.

This attractive and shapeliness project is developed using PHP and SQL

Existing System

The existing system is erroneous and imprudent. In the existing system the appointments are maintain manually where there is a chance of occurrence of error. Many a times salons gives same appointment time to two different customers under the same stylist which makes one customer to wait for a long duration of time creating inconvenient to the customer. The salary of the employee is manually calculated which requires a lot of time and leads the delay in salary process.

Proposed System

It is very affordable and easy to use system. System fixed the appointment time for every customer which is legitimate and error free. System automatically generate the bill for every customers based on the services availed by them. Also it helps in stock management and product maintenance.


Employee: First employee has to login to the system. Employee can allocate and manage the appointment of every customer. Employee can store the information of every customer. Employee can generate the bill for the customers based on the services provided by the salon.

Admin: admin can view the list of employees and customers. Also admin can view the list of appointment for a particular date. Admin can check the availability of the beauty products and suppose to manage the stock. Admin can view the list of transactions done by the employees. Also admin can calculate the salary of an employee very efficiently and effectively.

Software Requirements

  • Windows XP, Windows 7(ultimate, enterprise)
  • SQL 2008
  • Notepad ++
  • Microsoft SQL Server

Hardware Requirements

  • Processor – i3
  • Hard Disk – 5 GB
  • Memory – 1GB RAM

Technologies Used

  • PHP
  • SQL