Student Attendance with Fingerprint Reader

Student Attendance with Fingerprint Reader



Project Objective

The main aim of this project is to maintain the transparency and keep a systematic track of student attendance

In most circumstances the attendance of the student is related with their academic performance hence most universities follow a rule that students has to maintained certain percentage of attendance to be eligible to write the examination. Hence special care has to be taken regarding the attendance of individual student. There needs to be a systematic track and transparency in attendance. In the present system where one faculty member calls out the roll number in a class full of students it consumes approximately 15-20 minutes of one hour which is a great obstacle in the learning session of one hour. The attendance taken may not have accuracy due to students who give proxy during the roll call of their friends and also students who miss out to give their attendance during their roll call. Some colleges even misuse the attendance rule and detain the weaker section of the students by artificially creating attendance shortage.
By keeping these difficulties in mind we have develop this project to make the attendance process simple, systematic and transparent.

This student centric supportive and suitable project is developed using dot net framework and SQL

Existing System

The existing system of manually maintaining the attendance, leave entry, calculating hour of attendance, consumes whole lot of time. It can have error in that and the transference is very low. Also this attendance report is not going to share with parents who will be eagerly waiting to see the performance and improvement of their child.

Proposed System

This proposed system is very much reliable and transparent. It does not consume much time in calling out the roll no and no manual maintenance hence making this system more thin and clear. In the proposed system the attendance of the student is taken in biometric. Since fingerprint reading is unique it gives 100% accuracy. The data can be generated weekly/monthly bases for the student to be aware about their attendance status. A notification of this report is sent to the parent creating a transparency in the system. By having this report even parent can analyze the performance of their child.


Admin: First admin has to add various classes to the system. After adding all the classes’ admin can add list of students to the system by providing student name, Id, address, contact no etc. based on different classes. Admin can also view the attendance of every students of a particular class. He can generate the attendance report of every student for analysis purposes also he is responsible to send the attendance report to their parents.

Teacher: Teacher is responsible to register the fingerprint of the student to the particular device. Once fingerprint registration is done student can give their attendance in front of the class teacher by using the fingerprint reader. If student is trying to give the attendance two times fingerprint reader displays an error message.

Software Requirements

  • Windows XP, Windows 7(ultimate, enterprise)
  • SQL 2008
  • Notepad ++
  • Visual Studio
  • Microsoft SQL Server

Hardware Requirements

  • Processor – i3
  • Hard Disk – 5 GB
  • Memory – 1GB RAM

Technologies Used

  • Microsoft .net framework
  • SQL