Java Project Ideas with Abstracts

Java Project Ideas with Abstracts



Java Project Ideas with Abstracts


This page gives you project ideas for java technology. Now days Java is everywhere which provides open source technology for developing standalone applications to web apps for online usage. Java can be desktop as well for internet applications which will be accessed from all around the world. You need to have Java JRE or JDK in your machine to successfully run java code in your windows machine. If your code is web application then you need to have app server like Apache Tomcat, WebSphere or Web logic to run your code.

JDK stands for Java Development Kit which is required for compiling the java code in your machine.

JRE stands for Java Run time Environment which is required for running java code in your machine.

Some of the Java IDE’s which can be used for java projects are Net beans, Eclipse etc which can be downloaded for free from internet. While setting up your machine for java development you can install JDK package while includes both JRE as well as JDK libraries in single package.

You can download java project abstract using download button given at the end of each project page. These projects can be used for B.Tech, M.C.A or B.S.C academic project work. You can leave your comments if you have any question to ask about below projects.

You can use this below link for java project with source code. This page contains standalone application projects as well as JSP projects.

Java Projects with Source Code

Java Project Ideas

 Global Communication System [action-button title=”Download Project” url=”‘’);”]
 Network Load Balancing [action-button title=”Download Project” url=”‘’);”]
 Medical Assistant Project [action-button title=”Download Project” url=”‘’);”]
 Security System For DNS [action-button title=”Download Project” url=”‘’);”]
 Encrypting Multimedia System [action-button title=”Download Project” url=”‘’);”]
 Interactive Voice Response System [action-button title=”Download Project” url=”‘’);”]