Complaint Monitoring System Project

Complaint Monitoring System


Complaint Monitoring System

Project Objective

Complaint management system allows the user to file a complaint by filling up a form on his/her Android device. The system comprises of an Android app and computer acting like a web server.

In order to use this system, the user needs to install the android app on his/her smartphone. When using the app for first time, user needs to register by filling up a short form. Once registered, the user can use the complaint form to file a complaint regarding a particular issue. Once the user files a complaint, the server sends an automated response on his/her android device. This system allows a user to file complaints against an illegal post made by other user. It also allows the user to file complaint about fraud e-commerce websites.

As the project is a combination of android app and web server, Android Studio IDE shall be the choice for android development and NetBeans, Eclipse for Server side scripting. MySQL is the preferred database on the server side.

The Complaint Monitoring System android app if opened first time, asks for registration. Once registered, the user can file a complaint at his/her fingertips anytime from anywhere.

Existing System

Currently the process of filing a complaint is a very lengthy and tedious one. The user needs to travel to the legal body to complain about illegal activities. This makes it a very unpleasant experience for a user. The process of action is very lengthy as lot of files needs to be passed from bench to bench. The legal bodies face a problem with clutters of complaint files. On the other hand, the person filing complaint has to wait for many days to get his problem fixed.

Proposed System

Proposed Complaint Monitoring System is a fully automated complaint monitoring system. It doesn’t need human intervention to lodge a complaint. The complaint is filed from an Android client. The details of complaint are received by the web server and response is sent to users’ device.

Complaint Monitoring System Module

User Registration

This module is launched when the app is started for the first time. The user fills up a small form to get registered to this system. All the data input is sent to the web server for storage and later retrieval.

User Login

The users who reopen the app are taken to the login screen where they can login to view all their filed complaints and see the action taken on them.

Lodge Complaint

This module is where the user actually files a complaint. It consists of a form that the user fills out to lodge a complaint. The data is sent to the web server where it is stored into the MySQL database. The user receives an automated response from the server on their smartphone.

Web Server

This is the most crucial part of the system. All the data is transferred to the web server. It is responsible to store user registration details, authenticate them, receive and store the complaints received and send automated reply to the complaints received.

Software Requirements

  • Android Studio
  • Net beans/Eclipse
  • Java development kit 

Hardware Requirements

  • Hard Disk-2GB or higher
  • RAM-4GB or higher
  • Processor: Dual Core 1.3 GHz or above

Technologies Used

  • Android SDK
  • Java
  • MySQL
  • XML
  • JSP

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