Network Sniffer Project using Visual Basic

Network Sniffer Project

Network Sniffer Project


Project Objective

This Network Sniffer Project application is developed so that an environment can be provided to configure a computer resource for the more efficient use of the system. An environment is provided by the Microsoft but there is a problem that it needs basic knowledge about the methodology to interact with a system. This application will help a user to use the system according to the need of a user. It provides a function by use of which user will manage system resource as if a user is working on anything and he/she wants to use the system for that purpose the only user can use it by simple click without knowing methodology. As well as if a user at some distance from the system but want to monitor the system can remotely monitor.

Existing system

In the current Network Sniffer Project system, it doesn’t provide an interactive way for interaction as it needs to know about methodology. It is not a single environment so the user needs to go for each environment to manage the resource.

Proposed System

The proposed Network Sniffer Project system provides a single environment by use of which a user can interact with the computer to manage resources. In the Network Sniffer Project system, there is a various option by use of which user can monitor the resource and also get a notification about any error occurs in the system. While it has also a function by use of which a user can monitor the system remotely.


This Network Sniffer Project system has a different set of options which provide different services to a user.

• The application provides a notification about the error in the system. So a user can know about it and tries to manage in such a way that it won’t happen again. As the application will tell the reason for an error.

• It provides a function to manage the resource so that user can make use system in the more efficient way. As user wants a resource for use of some other work but a system using for some other purpose.

• It provides all information about the resource running in the background of the system.

Software Used

  • IIS 5.4
  • SQL
  • .NET framework
  • Visual studio 2008.

Hardware Used

  • Pentium-IV
  • 256 MB RAM.
  • Hard disk 10 GB.
  • Internet connection.


The Network Sniffer Project application provides a single environment to manage and monitor the resource of a system so a user can easily interact with the system. And it has a remote connection so a user can control to system from a distance.

Download Project

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